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The latter adds to the relatively conspicuous number of statues from the Kingdom of Ammon, possibly illustrating the production of a non-royal commission.

The re-appraisal of Motya even after Dionysious’s siege and violent destruction of 397/6 BC started with Vincenzo Tusa’s work at the ' Cappiddazzu' Temple and it was resumed in the last decade by Sapienza University of Rome in the Sacred Area of the Kothon, where Sanctuary C3 was uncovered, and in Areas B and D, where remains of later occupation where also brought to light.

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smartphone or tablet) and it collects the 3D information of the scanned object in real-time.

Archaeological small finds provide a variegated myriad of data of crucial importance to the study of their finding contexts.

Anyway, only a close all-around examination can give a full comprehension of their multiple functions.

The production of reliable documentation is thus an essential process and this paper illustrates a fast, reliable and easy tool to collect documentation during the excavation season.

The tool, named Penguin 3.0, was developed at the Geodesy and Geomatics Division-Sapienza University, exploits the potentialities of the Occipital Structure Sensor, a low-cost sensor able to rapidly generate reliable 3D models of small objects.

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