Updating old brick fireplace

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This will prevent a splotchy/uneven look if your later batch(es) of grout is not mixed to the exact same consistency as previous batches. *Depending on the size of the wall or area you are covering, you will have time to adjust the application before it totally sets.

Once your mortar is mixed, WATER IT DOWN just a tad. The whole process for me took about 2 hours, and that WHOLE time, I could have easily wet my sponge with water and scrubbed off most, if not all of the mortar.

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It’s REAL brick, so no phony looking brick wallpaper, or tile product that looks like brick but doesn’t feel like it.And for that much brick, we only ended up using approximately 1/3 of the bag.*If you are going to do the mixing in batches (we started by mixing 1/2 of the bag, and didn’t even need the rest), then make sure you are applying the mortar in RANDOM locations all around the wall, and NOT just in one quadrant or location of your brick wall. I wanted the brick color to come through here and there, and I wanted the brick in other areas to be white.If not white grout, then it needs to be a color you are HAPPY with. And to be honest, I’ve looked around for tutorials on prepping old, we’ll call it “unattractive” brick, and the prep work looks like it’s a wee bit grueling, quite honestly.I’ve linked a couple tutorials/articles/videos I’d recommend checking out before diving in: Jenna Sue (love her) You Tube tutorial Renaissance Southpaw You Tube tutorial Less than Perfect Life of Bliss (tutorial for exterior application) Recaptured Charm (this blogger goes for a similar look using different materials) Get out the builder’s paper or tarps and cover your flooring if this is an interior project.

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