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See Customizing Intelli Sense below to learn how to disable or customize VS Code's Intelli Sense features.

(This option differs from renaming of feacp.dll, in that setting value to "Disable" still causes the IDE to load an existing NCB.) Note: Visual Assist ignores value of registry string value "Default Intellisense" if option to "Get content from default Intellisense" is enabled.

Intelli Sense is a general term for a variety of code editing features including: code completion, parameter info, quick info, and member lists.

Intelli Sense features are sometimes called by other names such as "code completion", "content assist", and "code hinting." VS Code Intelli Sense is provided for Java Script, Type Script, JSON, HTML, CSS, Less, and Sass out of the box.

VS Code supports word based completions for any programming language but can also be configured to have richer Intelli Sense by installing a language extension.

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