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The matter of concern is what issues are being addressed in the text and what ideas form the focus of the author’s interest.The key topical points must be included into the analysis that will enable the reader to check that they are relevant and represent a logical natural progression while maintaining overall thematic balance.Reading strategies: 1) Have a question in your mind about would-be topic and content.2) Take a look at a title and subheading in order to get a rough idea about the main topic and in what subject area it could be placed.In this respect, it should be noted that reading entails complex interactions between reader, writer and text, suggesting active engagement with the author’s intentions and ideas.In other words, reading encourages a person to get engaged with what is read, gleaning information and then fitting it into certain environment so as to be able to interpret the content flexibly to suit the purpose of literacy experiences.It makes think about the fact that the text arising in a specific social situation represents a highly combined, coherent and cohesive organization both on its structural and semantic planes.Consequently, the reader is involved in a reconstruction of context through an analysis of its content set up by the variables, such as: genre; register; verbally presented events as topical points; the author’s perspective in terms of gist and theme; view-dependent attitudes, social and cultural evaluative stance; logical links [4].

To do thematic analysis properly you need to be familiar with both the subject matter content of the text and with the semantics of at least basic lexical and grammatical relations at the level of textual segments.

3) Work out the meaning of the title making some guesses on purpose and function of the passage.

4) Pay attention to the way how the text is structured (number of paragraphs and headings if any), which gives you ability to predict text development.

The purpose is to bring to light this meaning and the paths taken to create it.

In the end, text is fully understood and appreciated to the extent that the nature and interrelations of its parts are perceived, and that understanding will take the form of insight into the theme of the work in question.

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