Leykis dating rules

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Rogers and Leykis became rivals and, in June 1984, just after Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg was assassinated, Leykis told listeners Neil Rogers' real name and urged callers to harass his on-air rival.

In 1987, Leykis abruptly left KFYI because of differences with station management that still has a shroud of secrecy surrounding the details.

Leykis was moved to afternoons from nights to replace the recently fired Opie and Anthony of The Opie and Anthony Show.The show ran Monday through Friday, PM to PM PT from Paramount Studios and PM to PM Saturdays in Hollywood, California and was heard in a number of major metropolitan markets on the West Coast of the United States.Leykis's show returned on his podcast/streamcast network The New Normal Network at 3PM pacific time, April 2, 2012 – one day after his CBS contract ended.On Fridays, listeners were allowed to call in and talk about anything they wanted, in contrast to other days when Leykis established a single topic for each hour of the show.Friday was also the usual day for live appearances in cities around the U.

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