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But one of the most enduring archaeological mysteries has yet to be resolved.Who were the original horsemen, and what inspired them to straddle a 1,000-pound beast that could kick out their brains with one blow?The vagon is Olsen's lab, complete with microscopes, measuring tools, laptop computers, and a growling propane generator.

Kazakhs have roamed this cold dry grassland on horseback for centuries and are renowned for their ability to shoot arrows with accuracy while bouncing atop galloping steeds.

There will be no such obvious clues in Krasnyi Yar, but Olsen is quite content to slowly tease subtle evidence from her cache.

After measuring the size of individual bones and carefully examining the teeth, she runs statistical tabulations for breakdowns of the horse population by gender and age at the time of death.

The Botai people not only hunted and herded horses for food, she says, they also used them as a means of transport.

If she's right, then she has found the earliest-known horsemen and, quite possibly, the inventors of riding.

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