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With Paper and the other new team-oriented changes, Houston hopes people will stop thinking of Dropbox as just “a home for your stuff.”It will be more like a group home for you and everyone you work with.And it will be a crowded one, because everyone’s invited to share. Dropbox thinks its new focus on the workplace is already paying off.Three quarters of its users are outside the US, and there are 3.3 billion “persistent sharing relationships” — files or folders that connect users.

As Dropbox is platform-agnostic, Desktoppr works with nearly every OS. Supported file types which are 25 MB or less can be viewed and printed if required.These photography infographics are not only instructional, but are also cheat-sheets.For Drew Houston, Dropbox’s cofounder and CEO, Paper and the other new initiatives are also the foundation for a reinvention of his company.In its decade of life, cloud storage—even done as slickly as Dropbox does it—has come to be seen widely as a commodity service.

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