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Last year, the bank debuted Amelia to work with internal IT support.Swedbank has Nina, a female-voiced assistant that allows customers to simply message her with their questions in order to find answers and identify the financial services best suited for their needs.More complex tasks - like coming up with a mortgage or loan plan to best suit a customer's needs - will still require a human banking assistant, but Aida's presence is meant to help with the easy tasks to help free up time of the human employees.Last year, SEB rolled out a different virtual assistant named Amelia.

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CEO John Cryan (pictured) said, 'The truthful answer is we won’t need as many people.In Amelia's first three weeks, over 4,000 conversations were held with 700 employees, and she solved the majority of issues without delay.Together, IPsoft and SEB bank are are working to train and develop Amelia together.The industry overall is experiencing a technological shift.Former Barclays boss Anthony Jenkins called this an 'Uber moment.'Andy Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England, has also warned that robots will be able to take on more work and endanger the banking jobs of 15 million Britians.

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