Dating websites for physicians

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Dismissed it until I realized I never encountered a lawyer/cop/doctor on this site.If you behave like a normal person is it really that bad?Yes there is the full spectrum of people online these days, and depending on what your specialty is going to be, you may put too much personal info online where future patients may see some of it.. I worked many years as a corrections officer in the psych / medical unit of the state prison.I have dated one police officer and two attorneys who I met on this site. They certainly didn't seem to associate a stigma with the site. As long as nothing of a sensitive or confidential nature is discussed with your dates I don't see where it would cause any negative issues.cop/lawyer/doctor/firefighter...civil service position are people too.As long as they are not giving out legal/medical etc advice I can't see how it would be an issue, if they are well that would be a very different scenario.If being on a dating site is "unprofessional" then wouldn't going to singles bar or any other place to meet a date be the same?

If an issue, maybe set your photos to "private" so that only people you message can see them?

If you do not have an existing account within Passions Network, then you can join Medical Passions, and it will be FREE.

No upgrades will be required for you to have access to Medical Passions. This option opens up access to over 260 active sites in the network (and extra features like ‘HIDE YOUR PROFILE’ and ‘SURF INCOGNITO’), but again, upgrading is not required.

Having law enforcement background, I know a number of friends and aquaintances who use these sites. They are allowed to have fun as well, just as long as they conduct themselves in a mature way.

Many of my facebook friends are affiliated with the PD, and the higher up's do check out their profiles/pictures and have been told not to post pic's of yourself in uniform, as the city patch is there, and you dont want to draw negative attention to your personal life (ie...a criminal who could see personal info/family)I certainly hope they'd say the same thing if you were on "Facebook."The public nature of online "profiles" does open one up.

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